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Can I Book a session without verification? I live a private lifestyle.

No, I value my safety and take pride in my work. I gain absolutely nothing from tampering with someone's reputation and neither will you. I am verified via many platforms that require a thorough verification.

How do I know you are real?

I provide Skype sessions. Zoom is allowed as well.  Tribute required.

What type of Domination do you provide? How can I please you?

I am a Classically trained Dominatrix. What that means is I adhere to strict protocol and take pleasure in controlling my subjects. What I desire is psychological manipulation, Role Play, Extreme play, Pushing your limits and making your role as a slave picture clear.  My range can vary however I am in charge of my scene.  If you are looking for full service, girlfriend experience, oral or anything in this form you are out of luck. I suggest you find a fetish friendly escort if you are looking for this type of satisfaction.  No amount will change this. These forms of play do not adhere to my standards as a Professional Dominatrix. My scenes require consent and aftercare is always provided. You can always please me by providing to my wishlist, tribute or covering expenses.

Okay, Im new to this and I don't like pain, will you be able to dominate me Goddess?

I am willing to provide slave training to beginners as long as they adhere to my protocol and standards. I will encourage you to push your limits within your means. 

Do you date your slaves?


Do you have your own play space Madam?

No. I do want to make this dream into a reality.

Do you do couple sessions Mistress?

Yes. I am willing to see couples, orientation doesn't matter to me at all. As long as both parties consent to this form of play.

What is your Schedule Mistress?

I am usually available Monday -Saturday after 12pm. However this is subject to change. I recommend any appointments to be scheduled a day in advance. Same day appointments are subjugated to an additional fee to accommodate this short notice.

Fly me to you, Outcalls, Cashmeets, do you provide these services Madam?

Yes, you will need to be verified. I have experience with these engagements.

Can I pay for your utilities, rent or any burdens that may affect my Mistress.

Yes I do. When you send Tribute leave the note blank and send an email confirming the tribute.

I found your number online can I text you to communicate for free?

No, You will need to send a $20 initiation tribute. The longer the interaction, the more you will have to contribute to my time. You may notice I have ignored your empty attempts of gaining attention from me. There is an influx of timewasters, losers that want free attention as they wank their dried phallus. You need to prove to me you are not one of them. I also have niteflirt, loyalfans and premium chat.

Do you have any limits Mistress?

No full service, escort play,no pussy or ass worship,no oral sex or vanilla sex.

Are you fully equipped?

Nope, there are implements that I am missing that I desire, a violet wand, tens unit, Medical Enema bag, play needles, humbler, my wishlist has more details.

Do you sell dirty/soiled socks and/ or underwear? I want to worship you from afar Madam.

Stay Tuned! Saliva, scat, urine are also potential.

What type of clients are you willing to see?

Any client who adheres to my verification/screening protocol, tribute and willingness to submit are all welcome to my realm. I welcome all identities or lack of.You need to have impeccable hygiene. I don't care how tall white and fit you are, if you want to get pegged, bend over with your clean ass.

Slave Contracts?


Do you need a film slave?

I prefer true masochist. You will need to provide/fillout a 2257 model release form.  In addition a small tribute is required. From my experience a slave that offers quid pro quo are/free service and are lacking in performance value.  I need you to be willing to take it.

Have we met before? I swore we have.

If you played at pandoras box in nyc then there is a possibility. If not either you are mistaken or severely racist.

Do you offer outfit requests?

Yes I do, keep in mind my latex and leather wardrobe is limited and your billfold can improve this. Lingerie as well. If you seek a topless or nude session you will pay my worth. 

Can I ask you a question that wasn't listed on your FAQ?

Expect limited to no response.

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