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August Tour|Traveling|Classical Dominatrix

Weary wretched souls. Here comes an opportunity where your confessions will be heard most bold. Suffering is a pleasurable feat for the submissive mind. Giving thanks to their superior will leave their woes behind. Come hither and kiss my divine heels. Feel your spine tingle as I drape my flogger against your spine. Did I make you shudder, business man? Humble house wife? Whorish sissy/femme ? Masochist What separates you from the vanilla folk is one damning piece of evidence. Traveling during this month of August will be your opportunity to serve. Touring these states as a Classical Dominatrix is a feat to behold.

The sight of a Majestic Black Queen immediately weakens your pathetic knees. Now crawl, then walk on all fours, let my harness guide your way. Pay for my Travel expenses

August 2-3 Nashville, TN

August 9-10 Atlanta, GA

August Tour | Traveling | Classical Dominatrix

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