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This era of submission is different, but one thing that hasn't changed is Classical Domination

Do not reach out to me if you are seeking soft domination(what ever that is) reach out because you have discovered an awakening within. The abundance of lonely "submissives" seeking a mate is not my issue. When you approach my domain I expect you to have an understanding of what I enjoy. If you are on a mission to submit until you think you have a chance with me. You will be wasting your time, and you will end up disappointed in your fruitless endeavor. Being submissive is the strongest thing a person can do. To relinquish control to me shows how much you trust in my craft and honor this age old tradition of Classical Domination. As a classically trained Dominatrix I will reiterate this as many times as needed, I do not sleep or have sex with my subs. I will never offer any oral or ass worship that involves your putrid tongue or appendage. You must seek a fetish friendly escort for this sort of play. Many subs are confused with dominates in this day and age. In my opinion if you're having sex with your client then where is the domination aspect? The whole idea is to be unobtainable. This is what interested me in this realm of art. Being in charge of your mind physically and psychologically. Learn the difference and your path will clear.

When seeking a Dominate what are you truly seeking?

  • Relinquish control

  • Hardcore punishment

  • Complete Slave Training

  • FLR

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