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Summer time

Oh summer, the time where you can enjoy the extended sunshine and a dose of domination. I have many ideas in mind actually, clever ideas that will keep your mind eager for more. Have you ever considered being dominated and filmed consensually? How about public humiliation? Dinning outdoors while you are locked up in chastity🔒🔐, is the hottest thing a slave can do while serving their Queen. Visitors from out of state or town will be delighted to know that I do accept new clients. I have deviant desires and a sadistic heart. I do enjoy giving you a good spanking. You will have to follow very simple instructions by filling out my session request form. I do require a deposit to confirm your attendance, otherwise you are wasting your own time.

I am also available for online sessions as well on Skype, Premium chat, Niteflirt , Loyalfans

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