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Mistress Naomi NYC wants to control more toys

This day and age I have noticed that many "servants" do not understand the plot of serving a Dominatrix. While I do understand that some people may be fetishist but those who want to tote the title as a submissive, fail to meet the minimum requirement to even be considered as such. When you approach me with a desire to be my financial slave. I expect you to fulfill this obligation. I take this commitment to be a serious request from a "sub". Don't think for a second that this isn't a luxury. Do not fool yourself with new age ideas that stray away from true TPE. You are cheating yourself of the ability to expand your mindset. Your approach means that you respect Female Supremacy. You respect your Queen Naomi NYC above all. You desire to grovel and worship the ground I step upon. You crave structure and control. Do not cheat yourself of the ability of fulfilling your goal my potential pet. Financial slaves are a stall I want to fill. I want a slave to cover my shopping, bills, and recreational needs. You are meant to be used by a Superior Woman. You are small and nimble. You work for me. You have an altar in my honor because my happiness is all that you desire.I want to go shopping while you are leashed and collared. Cashmeets are always an option for worthy toys. Worship your Queen Naomi NYC


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