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Mistress Naomi based in NYC has always offered the option of Online Domination. Especially when submissives are too far away or are dealing with time constraints of some kind. What ever the reason may be, I will always give priority to paying submissives. Every inquiry you make towards a session will have a tribute fee requirement. No matter what! Why should I entertain a moment of your retarded ego? Don't be ridiculous. I have come to enjoy Premium Chat over Niteflirt. So if you want to arrange an online chat session, see to it that you visit my Premium Chat line. submissives will enjoy being under the control of their Mistress Naomi based in NYC. You will be delighted to fulfill her money fetish desires. If you have had an unpleasant experience with modern day findom, you will learn the difference with Queen Naomi NYC Classically Trained Dominatrix . Financial Domination will become your new calling. Taking care of your Godess needs, feeling selfless in your pursuit, learning your purpose to me as my new toy. You will evolve. Learn more about yourself as my servant. Eagerly apply effort into your submission. Embrace being under my command. I know you have been lurking pervert, curious but scared, probably more pathetic than you think. I don't enjoy worthless slaves, I don't entertain subpar effort. I have high expectations based off of my experiences. I want to see more Throne payments and more You Pay notifications. Want to call yourself a paypig, put your money where your mouth is.

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