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Submission is a freeing feeling

To serve a divine Queen and to be reshaped as she see's fit, should be seen as an honor. It isn't often that you meet a Mistress that you reclaim meaning in your life. To serve should feel like a new chapter of your life is finally happening. You are able to explore that little perverted tic that you have sheltered for quite some time. However its a pity that many subs will meet lack luster Mistresses and feel that their time was a lost. And that their idea of submission was tarnished. If willing to recommit to servitude, remember, forgive yourself. You didn't meet the right person to serve and it wasn't your fault. Findom is a territory I cannot begin to touch. I only see toxicity and mind-blowing ignorance. Its sad that domination has evolved into this. Some may be willing to evolve and others are committed to their egos.

I enjoy what I do and my slaves can attest to this. A good session shouldn't require a *happy ending*, A good session should leave you in a trance. A well rounded Mistress will leave you addicted. Become my cult member.


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