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You need to put your wallet to good use. You clearly don't know what to do with yourself. Financial Salvation is the cure to your wastefulness. Serve a purpose for Queen Naomi NYC | Femdom | Financial

Updated: May 21

I will be pampered and you will cover the tab. You exist to serve a purpose and here is your assignment. I have added a new option to purchase Groceries for your Mistress/Queen Naomi NYC. This is only a minor amount. I expect to be spoiled in a farmers market in NYC monthly. You need to make yourself useful to me. My favorite is the union square market. If you are unable to support in person spoils then you will provide tribute . Servitude is the selfless act of providing tribute to your Queen Naomi NYC. As a Classically Trained Dominatrix I know what makes me happy. You will become committed to me and serve a purpose, my wallet. I want you to to kneel and hand over your money over and over again. The arousing addiction will flourish and blossom. Financial Domination is a worthy form of worship. If you are expecting nudity in exchange for your time. You are on the wrong page and have a terrible mindset. You won't evolve because you are too stupid to surrender. Your mind has rotted with online porn addiction. What are you doing with your life? Grow up! Luxurious Femdom excites me and turns me on. The more slaves I capture the happier I become. The more devoted you are to me. The better your life becomes. This contract is a long term agreement. Sluts that commit to my needs are not stupid weak losers. They are the strongest form of human that you will never understand. Devotion to me is a beautiful experience. Your ego evolves, you become happier and more clear minded. Fetishes experienced in NYC is a tip of the ice berg. I enjoy Incall real time appointments after being spoiled in the city. Maybe I will shove an eggplant into your hole. Gag you with an apple, whip you with a large wooden spoon. Or better yet a whip and my 10 inch dick. I have bound you like a pork roast and gag you with my cock. Oh I won't spoil you here, that is why I have online sessions available too explore my deep dark mind.🤭 I am a luxury and you are scum. Subscribe to my newsletter to keep up to date with updates and announcements. Eataly is my favorite specialty market. Purchase giftcards for your Queen Naomi NYC Femdom Goddess based in NYC. Send Eataly E-Giftcards to goddnaomi @ gmail 500 200 150


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