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Your mind = My entertainment| How do you plan on showing your unwavering dedication to your Mistress Naomi NYC ? Femdom blog | Femdom NYC | Femme Domme | Sadist | Control | Better |

Submitting to an Dominate African Goddess may seem like an impossible and intimidating task. However you are given simple rules and that is to, surrender. Do you think that approaching to my throne like a common animal is going to procure excellent results? Absolutely not. In fact you will become even more isolated than you were before. As a Professional Classically Trained Dominatrix. I adhere to high standards and strict protocol. I expect you to meet my standards. You are expected to not only serve me as my entertainment, but as a noble toy, pet, slave, servant. Its Gratifying to meet my desires. Its a noble act that is older than time. You will learn to be selfless and obedient. You will become more grounded and ego-less. We should always take things slowly, so that you can work your nerves out. Then once you are present in my domain. That is where the real fun begins! Task: Show your devotion to me by submitting tribute Goal: Minimum of 20 towards smoothie/tea/snack expense for your Queen / Mistress Naomi NYC

Financial Domination ✨🍍💳⛓🐷🛒 I seek sluts that want to be kept on a strict allowance. That is when you dedicate an amount to budget into their finances and delivered at a timely schedule. This is what I expect. This level of alluring control. I will never beg or nag that is the act of a miserable child. I will expect you to be devoted to this premise and enjoy being my piggy bank. Afterall, you crave ownership and control beneath a Female Role model.

Task: Adhere to my Financial Domination expectations. Goal: Budget a minimum of 200 for your Queen every month. A tax will be applied for permission to release. (200 is not the expectation each month, I expect so much more than this. If your budget allows a higher amount then make it so.) If you are a slut that prefers to submit with crypto, keep in mind that I do accept Bitcoin. However I am also on a new platform by the name of MintStars . You will be able to subscribe and enjoy exclusive content to this site.


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